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How to Remove Florida Mugshots and Arrest Records from the Internet

Despite the attempts of State lawmakers in to pass bills that would do away with Florida mugshot search and crime reporting sites like, the laws requiring removal of criminal records online do not apply for, and thus can not help, most the people with mugshots online.

Let remove your arrest mugshots from, and other Florida mugshot reporting sites. If you happen to stumble upon an old Florida jail mugshot picture, police report and/or criminal case record online while googling your name we can help you. We specialize in helping people remove unwanted criminal records and arrest info from the internet. Click the button above and complete the contact form to get started!

Florida Mugshot Law

House Bill 265:

Florida Arrest Mugshot Removal

  • All Florida arrest mugshots
  • Doesn't matter when/where arrest took place
  • Continued Florida arrest record & mugshot monitoring

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