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Louisiana Mugshot Law

The following is a summary of Louisiana state law regarding the publication of mugshots.

It is illegal to publish the mugshot of any person who has been arrested for a crime unless that person has been convicted of that crime. If the person has been convicted, then the publication must also include the conviction information.

Mugshots may not be published for commercial purposes.

It is a violation of state law to post a mugshot on social media without the consent of the person in the photo.

Louisiana's mugshot laws are some of the most restrictive in the country. If you are thinking about publishing a mugshot, make sure you understand the law and potential consequences before doing so.

Expunging Louisiana Arrests from your Criminal Record

The state of Louisiana offers two options for expunging arrest records. The first option is to file a petition with the court. The second option is to have the record sealed by the Louisiana State Police.

To be eligible for record expungement, you must not have been convicted of the charge for which you were arrested. In addition, you must wait at least three years after the completion of your sentence before you can petition the court for expungement. If you were placed on probation, you must complete your probationary period before you can file for expungement.

If you choose to have your record sealed by the Louisiana State Police, you must submit a notarized application along with a $50 fee. Your criminal history will still be accessible to law enforcement and government agencies, but it will not be publicly available.

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