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How to Get a Pennsylvania Arrests org mugshot Removed from Google

Pennsylvania Arrests a number of other Penn mugshot galleries and arrest reporting websites make the mugshots of those arrested in PA public online.

If someone you finds her Pennsylvania mugshot on Pennsylvania or another PA mugshot site tell her to contact us to have it removed. Not only that but we'll insure that it is completely deleted off Google search results.

Pennsylvania Mugshot Law

Pennsylvania mugshot laws play a crucial role in the state's criminal justice system, governing the release and use of mugshots. Under Pennsylvania law, mugshots are considered public records, meaning they can be accessed by anyone through a Right to Know request. However, there are certain restrictions on their dissemination and utilization.

The Pennsylvania mugshot law aims to balance transparency with protecting individuals' privacy rights and preventing misuse of these images. It prohibits commercial websites from charging fees for removing or altering someone's mugshot online while also prohibiting law enforcement agencies from releasing an individual's photograph unless it serves a legitimate law enforcement purpose. This ensures that innocent individuals who have been arrested but not convicted do not face unnecessary reputational harm caused by the unrestricted availability of their arrest photos.

Additionally, the Pennsylvania legislature recognizes the potential negative consequences associated with publicly stigmatizing individuals based solely on their prior arrests and seeks to safeguard against such societal prejudices by imposing limitations on how these images can be utilized by employers or housing providers during background checks.

By carefully regulating access to and use of mugshots, Pennsylvania strives to strike a delicate balance between accountability, privacy protection, and combating potential abuses arising from unfettered dissemination of arrest photographs within its criminal justice system framework.

Expunging Pennsylvania Criminal Records

Pennsylvania expungement can be a complex process, but with the right understanding and guidance, it is possible to clear your criminal record in the state. The first step towards expungement is determining if you are eligible. In Pennsylvania, certain offenses such as summary offenses and non-convictions have a higher chance of being expunged. Once you establish eligibility, gathering all relevant documents related to your case becomes crucial. This includes arrest records, court documents, and any other evidence that supports your petition for expungement. Next, it is imperative to complete the necessary paperwork accurately and thoroughly. This typically involves drafting a petition for expungement which must include essential details such as case numbers and dates of conviction or dismissal.

After completing the paperwork, filing it with the appropriate court becomes necessary. Depending on where you reside in Pennsylvania, this could either be at local district courts or county courts; therefore proper research should be conducted beforehand to ensure compliance with jurisdictional requirements. Additionally, serving copies of your petition on relevant parties like law enforcement agencies or prosecutors may also be required.

Following these steps comes attending a hearing before a judge who will review your petition and decide whether it meets the legal criteria for expungement under Pennsylvania law. It is advisable to prepare yourself by presenting convincing arguments supported by pertinent evidence during this hearing.

If granted an order of expungement from the court after successfully navigating through these steps mentioned above - congratulations! However, there's one more crucial stage left: notifying various entities   and organizations of your expungement. This often includes notifying the state police, FBI, and any other relevant law enforcement agencies, as well as updating your records with the court clerk's office.

It is essential to note that while Pennsylvania law allows for certain criminal records to be expunged, there are exceptions. For example, convictions for serious offenses such as murder or sexual assault cannot be expunged. In these cases, seeking a pardon from the governor may be an alternative option to clear your record.
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