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How to Remove a New York Arrests Mugshot?

NewYork.Arrests.org is one of several NY mugshot sites from which people are constantly needing to remove arrest records.

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New York Mugshot Law

In the state of New York, it is against the law to post another person's mugshot online without their permission. If you have been arrested and your mugshot has been posted on a website without your consent, you can take legal action.

In order to get your mugshot removed off websites and search engines, you will need to send a written request to the website owner or administrator. In your request, you should include your full name, date of birth, and the URL of the mugshot that you would like removed. Once the website receives your request, they will remove the mugshot within a reasonable amount of time.

If you are unable to get your mugshot removed from a website yourself, you can hire an experienced internet attorney or mugshot removal company to help you. An attorney can contact the website on your behalf and take legal action if necessary, while mugshot removal services, like those we offer at Remove-Arrests.org, have contacts and proven systems in place to erase mugshots from third-party websites and search engines.

How to expunge New York arrest records

One way to get your New York mugshot removed from online news outlets, mugshot websites and search engines is to have the arrest record expunged or sealed. If you were arrested in New York and the charges were later dismissed, you can apply to have your arrest record "expunged." This means that your arrest will be sealed and cannot be seen by the public. To have your arrest record expunged, you must file a petition with the court where you were arrested. The court will then hold a hearing to determine whether or not your arrest record should be sealed.

If you were arrested but never charged with a crime, you can also apply to have your arrest record sealed. To do this, you must file a petition with the court where you were arrested. The court will then hold a hearing to determine whether or not your arrest record should be sealed.

If you are convicted of a crime in New York, your criminal record will not be automatically sealed. However, you may still be able to get your criminal record sealed if you meet certain requirements. For example, if you are convicted of a nonviolent crime and complete all of your sentence requirements (including probation), you may be eligible to have your criminal record sealed 10 years after your conviction. To learn more about getting your criminal record sealed in New York, consider contacting an experienced New York criminal defense attorney.

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