Removing Expunged Arrests and Mugshots from Online

Clearing Your Name: Understanding the Process of Mugshot Removal after Expungement

Have you ever wondered what happens to your mugshot after your criminal record is expunged? Well, wonder no more!

In this enlightening blog post, we delve into the fascinating world of mugshot removal and the intricate process behind clearing your name. Whether you’ve recently had your record expunged or are simply curious about this often misunderstood procedure, join us as we unravel the mysteries and provide you with all the essential information.

Get ready to embark on a journey that will leave you empowered and enlightened – it’s time to understand the process of mugshot removal after expungement!

Introduction to Mugshot Removal

When your criminal record is expunged, it means that the record is sealed and is no longer accessible to the public. This includes your mugshot. However, just because your mugshot is no longer accessible through state channels, doesn’t mean it’s not floating around on the internet. If you Google your name, there’s a good chance your old mugshot will come up in the results.

This can be frustrating and humiliating, especially if you’ve moved on from your past and are trying to start fresh. The good news is that there are ways to get your mugshot removed from the internet. In this article, we’ll walk you through the process of Mugshot Removal after Expungement.

First, you’ll need to find all of the websites where your mugshot is posted. This can be a time-consuming process, but there are some tools and resources that can help (See our post on how to find a mugshot online where we discuss ways to lookup mugshots online for free). Once you’ve found all of the websites where your mugshot is posted, you’ll need to contact each website individually and request that they remove the photo.

Some websites will comply with your request right away, while others may require more convincing. You may need to provide documentation proving that your record has been expunged before they agree to take down the photo. In some cases, you may need to hire an attorney or web development company to help with this process.

If you’re persistent and don’t give up, eventually all of the websites where your mugshot is posted should take it down. This process can be lengthy and tedious, but it’s the only way to ensure that your old mugshot doesn’t come back to haunt you in the future.

What is Record Expungement?

When you are arrested and charged with a crime, your mugshot is taken and placed in a public database. This can be accessed by anyone with an internet connection, which can make it difficult to find employment or housing. If you are later cleared of the charges, you may be able to have your record expunged, which in will remove your mugshot from the database.

The process of record expungement can be complex, so it’s important to understand all the steps involved. First, you must file a petition with the court where you were convicted or had your charges dismissed. Once the petition is filed, a hearing will be scheduled. At the hearing, the judge will consider whether to grant your request for expungement.

If your request is granted, the next step is to have your fingerprints taken and submitted to the FBI. The FBI will then update their records to reflect that your record has been expunged. You will need to contact the agency that maintains the public database where your mugshot is listed and request that they remove it.

If you successfully complete all these steps, you may be able to get your mugshot removed from public view, and move on with your life without this blemish on your record or online

The Process of Mugshot Removal After Record Expungement

When your record is expunged, the process of removing your mugshot from the internet and other public databases begins. The first step is to contact the website or database where your mugshot is listed and request that it be removed. Many websites will require proof of your expungement before they will remove your mugshot.

If the website or database does not remove your mugshot after you request it, you can take additional steps to have it removed. You can file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), contact an attorney who specializes in content removal focused internet law, or work with a mugshot removal company. These are usually effective methods for getting a mugshot removed from the internet.

Benefits of Removing Your Mugshot

When you have been arrested and charged with a crime, your mugshot is taken and placed in a public database. Depending on in which state or county the arrest took place, it may end up being accessible by anyone with an internet connection, which can make it difficult to find employment, housing, or even a date.

Fortunately, there is a process called expungement, which in many cases can help you remove your mugshot from the public record. This process is not always simple or quick, but it can be worth it to clear your name and restore your privacy.

Some of the benefits of removing your mugshot include:

  1. You can regain your privacy: Once your mugshot is removed from the public record, it will no longer be accessible by anyone who searches for it online. This means that you can apply for jobs, housing, and dates without worrying about your criminal history being exposed.
  2. You can improve your employment prospects: Many employers conduct background checks on job applicants, and a criminal record can disqualify you from many positions. By removing your mugshot from the public record, you increase your chances of being hired for the job you want.
  3. You can reduce stress and anxiety: Living with a criminal record can be stressful and anxiety-inducing. Removing your mugshot from the public record can help you to feel better about yourself and ease some of the psychological burden that comes with having a criminal record.

The Difference Between Expungement and Sealing Records

When it comes to having a criminal record, there are two main ways to clear your name: expungement and sealing records. Both options can help you get jobs, housing, and loans; and both methods can help you get your mugshot removed from the internet, but they work in different ways.

Expungement is the process of completely removing a criminal record from public view. Once your record is expunged, it cannot be accessed by employers, landlords, or anyone else. In most states, you can only get your record expunged if you were charged with a crime but not convicted.

Sealing records means that your criminal record is not available to the public, but it can still be accessed by law enforcement and some government agencies. Sealing your record can help you get a job or housing, but it will not completely clear your name like expungement does.

Tips for Successful Mugshot Removal

If you have had your record expunged, that means your mugshot should be removed from public databases. Here are some tips to make sure it is:

  • Check all the major public databases. Google yourself and see if your mugshot pops up anywhere. If it does, reach out to the website and request that they take it down.
  • Be persistent. Sometimes it takes a few tries to get a website to take down your mugshot. Keep reaching out until they do.
  • Hire a professional. If you’re having trouble getting your mugshot removed on your own, at we specialize in this kind of thing, and can help get your mugshot taken down from all the major mugshot websites and search engines quickly and privately.

Resources for More Information on Removal of Expunged Mugshots

The following are a few resources for more information on mugshot removal after expungement:

Mugshot removal after expungement is an important process that can help you clear your name. It can be difficult to understand the specifics of the expungement process and how it can help you get your mugshot removed from websites and internet search engines, but understanding it will allow you to take control of your reputation and ensure that your online presence reflects who you are and not a mistake that you made. If you’re looking for more information on this topic, consider researching further, or reach out to us to speak with an experienced mugshot removal specialist. With the right help, clearing your name and erasing your mugshot from online sources could be just around the corner!

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