Can mugshots be copyrighted?

Can You Copyright a Mugshot? Exploring the Legalities

Mugshots have become a ubiquitous part of our culture, plastered on news websites and tabloids alike. But can you actually copyright a mugshot? In this blog post, we dive into the legalities surrounding the use of mugshots and explore whether or not they can be protected under copyright law. Get ready to delve into the […]

Florida Mugshot Law: What you need to know

2023 Florida Statutes on Mugshots Online  Chapter 901.43 Dissemination of arrest booking photographs (1) Any person or entity engaged in the business of publishing through a publicly accessible print or electronic medium or otherwise disseminating arrest booking photographs of persons who have previously been arrested may not solicit or accept a fee or other form of payment […]

Removing Expunged Arrests and Mugshots from Online

Clearing Your Name: Understanding the Process of Mugshot Removal after Expungement

Have you ever wondered what happens to your mugshot after your criminal record is expunged? Well, wonder no more! In this enlightening blog post, we delve into the fascinating world of mugshot removal and the intricate process behind clearing your name. Whether you’ve recently had your record expunged or are simply curious about this often […]

Why Arrests and Mugshots are Public Record

Why are Mugshots Public Record? Unveiling the Truth!

Are Mugshots Public Record?Have you ever come across someone’s mugshot online and wondered how it was even accessible? Why are these snapshots of people’s worst moments made public in the first place? Many questions surround the topic of mugshots as public records, but few truly understand why they exist and what purpose they serve. In […]

How to Avoid Mugshot Extortion Scammers?

The Mugshot Extortion Scheme: Understanding the Tactics Used by Scammers

Are you haunted by a past mistake? Is there an embarrassing moment from your past that continues to follow you, no matter how much you’ve changed? Imagine the shock and humiliation of seeing your mugshot plastered all over the internet for the world to see. It’s a nightmare scenario that thousands of people find themselves […]

FL Mugshot Law 2017 130

Florida Mugshot Removal Bill: FL CHAPTER 2017-130

Chapter 2017-130: FL Mugshot Bill Chapter 2017-130 sets new restrictions on fees collected by online mugshot publications. The Florida mugshot bill, which could have a dramatic impact on the mugshot publication industry, went into effect in early May. While it’s far to early to determine the effectiveness of the new Florida mugshot law in deterring […]

US Mugshots Law: State Laws governing Mugshot Websites

State Laws Prohibiting Websites from Charging Mugshot Removal Fees

It’s 2018 and the war wagged on mugshot websites by payment processors and state lawmakers in the United States is in full throttle. For the large majority of the past decade, attempts by state lawmakers, in particularly, to kill the mugshot industry have been relentless.   State Attempts to Shut Down Mugshot Websites Since 2013, […]